Books on Bead Tatting
known as BEANILE Lace

The book Tatted Lace of Beads, the Techniques of BEANILE Lace
is the only existing text-book on the subject.
It covers basics of traditional tatting and modern bead tatting known as BEANILE.
There are pictures of projects, detailed close-ups, step-by-step instructions, and diagrams.

The second book is the same text-book in Russian.

Beads & Knots is the collection of BEANILE patterns designed for needle tatters.
It also includes a book inside book on amazing design possibilities of beaded pearl tatting.

Lace of Beads

Collections of projects in small book format was started in 2003 as a periodical.
Every issue illustrate either techniques and methods of BEANILE Lace or its various applications.
There are pictures, patterns with diagrams, detailed descriptions, and helpful tips.

The first two booklets of the series: Jeweled Strips
and Ornamental Minitures include select projects from BEANILE archive.

Starting with #2 the issues contain first publications of the projects designed specially for each book
to illustrate an application of beaded lace, teach a technique, or introduce a new method.

Tatted bookmarks, beaded spines and complete book covers in BEANILE in Book Art
and Insertions & Book Spines: all can be incorporated in Book Art.

Edgings, cuffs, gloves, variety of neck lines, and large wearable pieces in
BEANILE Lace in Costume..., Knotting Beads into Lace, and Beaded Nets.
were designed for couture decorations in costume and accsessories.

Practice in Design, Translating Ideas into Lace, and From Ideas to Lace
are attempts to sort out and explain my creative thinking by describing the transition
from a vague idea to finished piece and written pattern through tons of discarded samples.

Most of 'Lace of Beads' issues explore specific techniques.

Projects in One Shuttle, Lots of Beads and Assorted Rings
have been designed for bead tatting with ONE shuttle, in other words there are RINGS only.

BLOCKS of Beads are BEANILE version for dense/solid elemets in Lace design
as CLUNY in Tatting or TALLIES in Bobbin Lace.
The technique is multi-faceted and has unlimited design possibilities.

Some of these ideas became projects in Blocks of Beads, and Blocks of Beads-II, others would
show up in various teaching projects and in later books. With much more beads than knots
'BLOCKS of BEADS' became the most popular of BEANILE techniques.

I've been playing with motifs of different shape and experimented connecting them
in various ways to make a necklace, a trimming, an insertion...

Books Evolving Motifs and Motifs Keep Evolving feature
MOTIFS in variety of shapes, dividers/connectors, and more blocks of beads.

The corner stone of BEANILE Lace - BEADS on TWO THREADS:
on visible - knotting thread and the invisible one - core thread that holds it all together.
That revolutionary 'discovery' was made in mid 1980th and started BEANILE.

Two decades later while adapting 'pearl tatting' as a possible bead tatting technique
I've tried beads on ALL three threads involved in a design (two knotting and one core)
and ended up with the book Basics of Beaded Pearl Tatting
Pearls in some projects made it literally 'pearl tatting.'

Projects in books 18 and 19 are designed
for shuttle and needle tatters new to bead tatting.

Essential Bead Tatting, Part I and Part II include
detailed instructions, simple patterns, and step-by-step tutorial.

Books 20, 21, and 22 show a variety of bead tatted designs with split rings.

Books #20 and #21 feature identical projects with Symmetric Beaded Split Rings.
Book 20 includes patterns for shuttle tatters and book 21 - patterns notated for needle tatters.
Book #22 Asymmetric Beaded Split Rings has needle and shuttle versions of each pattern side-by-side.

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