Earrings with a Fringe

This project is designed to explore
one of beaded Self-closing mock ring possibilities.
You will need ONE shuttle and a long tail for a ball.
Needle tatters are welcome thanks to Bonnie Swank
who has co-authored Bead Placement Tutorial
for 'Lace of Beads' publication #19.

Sky Blue beads
on Silver thread.
Leaf Green beads
on Gold thread.
Light Gold beads
on Gold thread.

In this class you will learn
stringing and counting beads.
You will create Singlefile beaded picots
secured with a stopper bead;
a number of these picots will make a fringe.

For additional available colors of beads
on gold or silver threads
see pictures here.

$15.00 Kits for the project are available by request.
In a kit there are printed pattern, instructions, and
supplies for two pairs of earrings
in colors of your choice.

If you are ordering a kit please let me know
the colors of beads and thread you want in your kit.

If you want to use your own supplies
contact me for stringing instructions.

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