"Lace of Beads"

Is a quarterly publication, -
a little bit more than a newsletter
and much less than a magazine.

   The main purpose of this publication is to explore
   the designing possibilities of arranging beads into lace
   illustrated mostly with original Beanile patterns.

   We also plan to include original patterns by guest designers
   who use tatting, crochet, or knitting as basic techniques
   to arrange beads into Jeweled Lace.

   If you design beaded jewelry and/or teach it,
   you are very welcome to participate in exploring
   and developing the possibilities of Beaded Lace.

   You can offer your comments, research notes,
   an original pattern,or something else
for publication in one of our issues.

Current Subscription, ##9 - 12

"Lace of Beads" #9
Beaded Nets

"Lace of Beads" #10
Blocks of Beads - II

"Lace of Beads" #11
Insertions & Book Spines

"Lace of Beads" #12
Evolving Motives

Subscription for 2007, ##13 - 14

"Lace of Beads" #13
Motives Keep Evolving

"Lace of Beads" #14
Assorted Rings

Subscription for 2008, ##15 - 16

Back Issues (printed and downloadable) are available here.

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