In Russia tatting was re-discovered in mid 1980s in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad).
To learn and actually start tatting we first of all needed shuttles and none were available.
I've made my first shuttle out of a narrow plastic ruler,
others used pieces of card board (not pretty and awkward to use),
so we started looking for people who could manufacture tatting shuttles for us.

That was when I met a wood worker Igor Arkadiev and he made
a few pairs of wooden shuttles per my specifications:
they were small(for my small hands), but
could hold a lot of thread and beads.

In 1992 I left for New York but we kept in touch
and Igor kept making shuttles for me
known by that time as BEANILE Shuttles.

Igor is now retired and his grand daughter
Veronica makes a variety of wooden shuttles.
BEANILE Shuttles are a part of her inventory
that includes wooden shuttles of different size,
embelished with pictures or carvings,
often custom made from exotic wood.

You can see her work here:

Traditional BEANILE shuttles
L:8.3cm; H:1.4cm; W:1.6cm

Large Wooden shuttles.
L:7.0cm; H:2.0cm; W:2.0cm

Slim Wooden shuttles.
L:8.3cm; H:0.6; W:1.6cm

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